Vintage Cars Owners Remember 'Good Old Times' of Motoring

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While Auto dealers in Kampala struggle to keep pace with the changing car models for sale on the Ugandan market, most vintage car owners say the newer models can never beat the old models.
Volkswagen beetles, Citroens, Mercedes Benzes, Ford and Fiats, today still run alongside the newer models like the Rav 4's, Ipsums, and the Nadias.
Patched up with German spare parts and often spares salvaged from other cars, Vintage car owners say the sturdy classics could run for years more while the newer models wear away.
Peter Celestine Kafuuma is a proud owner of a Volkswagen beetle which he has owned for the last 25 years. He describes the newer models of cars as plywood because of their thin body parts. He says that though the newer models are fast on the road, vintage cars are very stable and get you where you are going safely.
Kafuuma says Modern cars are made to last three or four years, while his car made in the 50's can still last for more years to come. He says everything about his blue beetle is tough and durable and has a good shape.
Kafuuma swears that he will never sell his car for as long as he lives. He boasts that unlike the new car brands, he can leave his beetle anywhere and no one will steal anything. He says the front boot has breathing space where even goats can be transported.
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Kafuuma, a mechanic in Nakulabye, a Kampala suburb however admits that owners of vintage cars have a problem of sourcing the right spare parts for their cars. He says the newer car engines tend to wear out much faster than the vintage car engines.
Kizito Felix is another proud owner of a beetle. Today he drove it right from Jinja to Kampala for servicing at Kafuuma's Garage. He says that having a Toyota Premio can never be compared to a beetle which he says has a very unique character.
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Kafuuma will be among several proud Ugandan vintage car owners that are will be displaying their cars at the national museum in February next year, courtesy of Vintage Auto Uganda, who are planning annual shows for old well kept cars.
Some of the Vintage cars which will be on display are older than their drivers, and many were handed down from parents to children and grand children
Dr. John Nuwagaba, Vintage Auto managing director, says the show will be aimed at creating awareness for Ugandans to appreciate and keep their cars in good condition. Nuwagaba says that they intend to get about 60 different cars for the show.