Hundreds Stranded on Blocked Masaka-Bukakata Road

1856 Views Masaka, Uganda
Hundreds of people are stranded at Kizira on the Masaka-Bukakata where three heavy trucks are stuck in the mud and have blocked off the road into Masaka town. The trucks failed to maneuver through the large muddy potholes on the road following heavy rain last night. Several traders, taking their goods from the large landing site of Bukakata are stranded with no transport to ferry their fish and food. The trucks stuck in the mud are a trailer belonging to Nile Ply Company that was ferrying heavy tree trucks, a petroleum lorry that is part of the Total fleet and a Fuso lorry carrying charcoal bags. Kyeyune Bbosa of Kakyanga Village said he has lost fish worth 800,000 shillings because of the blocked road. He said his goods were destined for Nyendo Township in Masaka. Bbosa blamed the Masaka district authorities for ignoring the worsening condition of the road even though it is a route to a major economic base. Aloysius Juuko, the Bukakata LC3 chairperson, said he was unable to attend an official meeting in Masaka today because of the blocked road. When asked about the deterioration of the Masaka-Bukakata Road, Juuko claimed the road repairs are the responsibility of the Ministry of Works and Transport and not the Masaka local government administration. He said the Ministry has been promising to tarmac the road since 2000. Many traders have abandoned their cargo on the road and are using bicycles and bodaboda motorcycles to return home. Others are still at the site, waiting for assistance. Fausta Ssembuya, a woman councilor for Bujumba sub-county in Kalangala, was one of those who were greatly distressed by the blocked road. She said she was unable to travel for her father's burial in time because of the mess. The two major ferry routes to the island district of Kalangala are in Entebbe and Bukakata. Peter Kagina, the Masaka police traffic officer, said arrangements have been made for vehicles to transport passengers to Masaka town. However there are no cars returning to Bukakata to transport people headed to Kalangala.