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  • Police Seizes 73 Vandalized Rail Sleepers

    East Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson Michael Odongo told URN that Police was led to the compound by a sniffer dog. Two women, who were found in the home, were arrested to record statements on how they acquired the sleepers.

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  • False Alarm Causes Panic at President Museveni's Rally

    President Museveni had visited the district to deliver a financial literacy talk to youth groups as they celebrated the first districts youth day last evening. But a section of women reportedly saw something that they thought was a snake, crawling towards them and set off an alarm that triggered a scuffle in the audience.

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  • Musisi Gets Emotive Farewell from KCCA School Pupils

    Drawn from Buganda Road Primary School, Nakivubo Blue Primary School and Clevers Origin Primary School, the pupils blended Musisis 7-year tenure as KCCA Executive Director in songs, stories, plays and traditional folk dances. Pointing out that many people doubted her capacity to transform Kampala when she was appointed Executive Director of Kampala in 2011.

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  • Central Bank Tables Teefe Trust Bank Land Titles

    As part of its investigations, the committee directed Bank of Uganda to avail original land titles of all Teefe Bank customers that have remained in its custody for 25 years. The request was based on documents that indicated that the properties that were returned to Bank of Uganda by the liquidator could not be traced.

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  • Karimojong Leaders Plead for Land Probe Team

    The other area of contention arises from the lack of benefits from surface land rights and royalties out of the ongoing mineral exploitation by mining companies. Because land in Karamoja is used communally, communities cannot negotiate for benefits in the absence of land titles or certificates of customary land ownership.

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  • Wakiso Moves to Change the Face of Bussi Island

    Despite being located about 10 kilometres from Entebbe town, and within the spectacle of Entebbe international airport, Bussi remains secluded and visibly detached from the rest of the District. It has poor physical infrastructure and no definite means of transport.

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  • Kabale Policeman Arrested For Drunkennes

    It all started when the Kabale Municipality Mayor, Emmanuel Sentaro Byamughisha concluded his speech, he invited Darias Nandiinda, the Kabale RDC to address the traders. As Nandiinda was speaking, Twesigwome who heads the security for the taxi park moved off his seat while staggering and attempted to grab the microphone from Naniinda.

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  • 60,000 Candidates to Sit for UBTEB Exams

    A total of 39,126 candidates registered for national certificate vocational and technical exams compared to 22,491 candidates of last year. National certificate exams are done by students who join vocational learning institutions after completing senior four. Technical diploma candidates increased from 4,960 to 5,474 candidates.

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  • Auditor General Rejects Teefe Bank Inventory Report Top story

    The rejected documents were availed after demands by legislators that BoU avails the report to facilitate investigations into the irregular closure of Banks over the years. The Bank of Uganda had initially indicated that an inventory report for Teefe Trust Bank never existed.

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  • Leaders Accused of Failing YLP

    The State Minister for Local Government, Jennifer Namuyangu says that in most parts of the country, the politicians have influenced the youth not to pay back the money saying that the funds are a donation from the government.

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