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World Press Freedom: Remarks by the Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission
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In order for Uganda to entrench a justice system that supports free and safe journalism, it is our call today to all the relevant stakeholders to improve the legal regime in Uganda today by reviewing some redundant laws that are repugnant to media freedom but still sit in our statute books, including those that were declared unconstitutional by the courts.

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  • I Convinced Lule to Replace Idi Amin – Dr Aliker
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    Dr Martin Aliker says it took him two days of walking on the streets of Moshi to convince Professor Yusuf Lule to accept becoming president of Uganda after the fall of General Idi Amin Dada. Today marks 39 years since a combined force of Uganda exiles, with support from the Tanzanian armythe TPDF, overthrew Amin, the climax of a five-month brutal war that had started in October 1978 when Amin invaded Tanzania.

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  • Etukuri Arrest and the Dilemma for Newsrooms
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    More than a month after Charles Etukuri, a senior journalist at the Vision Group, was kidnapped and held incommunicado for a week, there is still debate about the conduct of journalists when covering security services. Many scholars rightly argue that journalists and intelligence services share a common interest--information--and that the relationship between the two is an enduring one. Both collect information but for different audiences and purposes. While spies are in the business of secrecy, the business of journalists is that of exposure, including watching over the intelligence agencies. Herein lies the line that journalists ought to observe at all times.

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